Individual Counseling

Individual counseling may be considered when a major life transition occurs, when symptoms of a disorder are experienced, and/or when social or assertive skills are desired. To begin working with a counselor, clients engage in a 15-20 minute call free of charge in which they discuss with the counselor goodness of fit, expectations for therapy, presenting issues and fees/scheduling. We think it's important to have all this information at the forefront so when you come in for your first session you're equipped and ready to begin.

Family/Couple's Counseling

A couple may consider therapy when they are continuing to have communication breakdowns, a break of trust has occurred and/or have a big decision to make that impacts both partners. The intake process is similar for couple's as for individuals, however, both partners must consent to therapy.

A family may consider counseling when there has been an event that has disrupted family functioning, when family functioning is ineffective and/or when a communication breakdown has occurred. The intake process is the same, however, all members of the family must consent to therapy.

Group Counseling

Group counseling is one of the most efficacious therapeutic practices. When individuals come together and share similar issues, growth and change are guaranteed to happen. Groups are centered around a common life season or skill (i.e. Anxiety management or Young Adulthood) and each member is screened for goodness of fit prior to beginning the group. Most groups are short term and last a duration of 12-weeks. Currently, there are no groups available for registration.

Independence Coaching

We understand that for individuals with more severe mental health or adjustment issues, maintaining an independent lifestyle is difficult. Our counselors provide a monthly service in which a weekly visit to clients are made. In these meetings, counselors check for medication management, maintenance of daily living activities, attend to appointments and errands, and identify weekly goals and tasks for clients.